3 Standards That a Menu Track Should Meet

by SoundSpect

Everyone knows how crucial in-game music is. However, a lot of developers neglect the importance of menu music. In many cases, players just press start and hear a second or two of the menu music. 

In other situations, people like to leave it in the background for a while, as they do something else. This shows the difference in quality. Here are some standards any menu music should meet. 

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It should be catchy 

The in-game music can be a long loop. In fact, in-game music doesn’t even have to be a loop. It can be an entire progressive composition that doesn’t have repetitive parts. The music can build over time. With menu music, this is not the case. 

There is no time for players to memorize menu music, and you need to get straight to the point. Make a snappy and straightforward earworm that people will sing even when they aren’t playing the game. 

It needs to be simple 

Simplicity goes a long way when it comes to menu music. This doesn’t mean you should have a 5-second loop, but you can have simple changes that are easily interpreted even at first glance. 

After turning on the game for the second time, the player needs to feel at home. This is something that can be achieved with familiar music.

It should be in line with the narrative of the game 

Is your game in a post-apocalyptic setting, or is the player the head of a medieval army? The storyline and feel of your game matter when it comes to menu music. 

Look to align the two to create a well-rounded experience. 

Make sure to follow up on these three standards when choosing music for your game and you will be golden. Browse through our site for more options.

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