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by SoundSpect

Soundspect has an extensive database of royalty-free music for many different uses. Going through all of it and choosing the right music can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. This is why we’ve decided to share with you our 5 top picks. 

Feed for speed 

The name says it all. This music is ideal for driving games like Need for Speed, Gran Tourismo, Driver, and so on. This is a very dynamic loop that will make the player’s rides exciting, and they won’t be able to get this music out of their heads for a long time. 

Fantasy Land 

This is a mystical, earthly, and adventurous orchestral music that is great for exploration, travel, fantasy, and historical settings. It’s very peaceful overall, without coming off as either dark or happy. With this music in the background, players will immerse themselves in your world or enjoy the beautiful landscapes you’ve built. 

Best Gaming Tracks - royalty free game music

Haunted Kingdom

If you’re looking for a tense and dark piece of music that brings out a sense of uncertainty, this is the track for you. If the playing environment is supposed to be dangerous and hostile, this loop will be perfect.

Love To Play 1

This is a simple loop that kids will love. If your game is directed to younger audiences, this loop might be the right choice. Whether we are talking about a laid back puzzle, adventure, or a point and click game, this is an excellent piece of background music.

Highland Warriors 

Are you making an RPG story or a historic strategy? If you are looking for music that will make your game even more epic, choose the “Highland Warriors.” This is the medieval sound you were looking for. 

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