5 Cinematic Tracks That Will Help Your Movies Connect With the Audience


Music is one of the essential elements of every movie. It’s important to follow up on everything that is happening on the screen with the appropriate musical experience. 

Appealing to multiple senses of the viewer will immerse them more into your movie and ultimately lead to a better reaction. Here are some excellent tracks to choose from.

cinematic tracks - royalty free music

1. Dreamland 

This is a very emotional and inspiring track made out of classical instruments. It’s very versatile and can be used for various purposes. It’s both a bit sad and happy at the same time and can be put into different contexts. It’s somewhat similar to the music from Lord of The Rings.

2. Epic Love and Longing 

If you are looking for unique epic music that brings in something new, this is the track for you. It starts with somewhat slow and suspicious guitars but turns into an adventurous, fresh, and uplifting mandolin melody.

3. Moments I Will Remember 

Here we have a Disney-like track that brings in a lot of emotion, motivation, and inspiration. It has a slow progression but culminates with grandeur. The bridge has a darker feel to it, but at the very end, the atmosphere is calming and joyful.

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4. Twilight Passion 

A combination of electronic and classical music – it brings out dramatic, tense, and powerful emotions from the beginning until the end. It’s great for games, movies, documentaries, and so on.

5. Magical Halloween Dance 

If you want to give your audience that spooky yet fun vibe, listen to this track. It’s a darker waltz theme, perfect for villain theme songs, spooky levels in games, or even musicals. 

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