General Terms and Conditions

SoundSpect Music is a web site – digital music library and store, which aim is to present and promote music, as well as purchasing and licensing of music.

The complete digital music content, as well as the visual identity, presented on SoundSpect, is the intellectual property of the author and can be used in accordance with obtained license.

SoundSpect Music Site presents primarily Royalty Free Music.

‘’Royalty-free’’ refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each copy or volume sold or some time period of use or sales.

Registration, Subscription, Browsing

When using the SoundSpect site you agree to our Terms and Conditions which apply to any user, registered or non- registered.

Registration is required on SoundSpect to use services like the purchase, subscription or free download.
You need to be 18 years or more to browse site and use the services of the SoundSpect.

If you are under 18 and want to do some of the shopping on the site, you can do it only with the help of an adult who takes the responsibility of registration and payment in your name.

For regular browsing, music playback, and downloading demo preview, you do not need to be a registered user on SoundSpect.


By purchasing a specific music track on SoundSpect, you are not entitled to ownership of this track or exclusive use rights. You are actually purchasing a license to use that music track under conditions described and presented on the Licensing page. SoundSpect Music offers in its basic offer two licenses: Personal (Creator) License and FREE User License. Details of these licenses are presented on the Licensing page.

FREE License is available only with limited number of audio tracks (products) with price of $0.

If product does not price $0, then it is only available in the Personal (Creator) License.

If you use any of the tracks under the Free License terms, you are required to give us a credit in project description and indicate that this track is from the SoundSpect site.

By purchasing a Royalty Free Music Personal (Creator) License, you are not required to indicate the author neither to provide information about the broadcasts to the Performing Rights Organizations. However, if you want to put the name of the author or origin of the music in your project, we will appreciate it.

The Licensee (user) can use the purchased music track for only one final product, according to the type of license he has selected and purchased.

Everything you produce using SoundSpect music tracks must be for your personal use or for the use of your client, employer or user who must be the final end-user of your work.

You may not redistribute, rent, lease, lend, sell or sub-license the SoundSpect audio music tracks to another person, company or other entity.

If you need a Professional (Company) license to use music tracks that are not covered by our default licenses, please contact us.

All default licenses are for single users only.


SoundSpect royalty free music tracks with Free and Personal (Creator) license may be implemented into a derivative work like a podcast, presentation, social media, promotional video, free / student film, free app / game and any media and online content not intended for direct sale.

Personal (Creator) license covers only YouTube monetization for personal YouTube channel.

Use SoundSpect royalty free music tracks in any other commercial and advertising projects (software, game, app, TV, broadcast) in the name of business and companies (freelancers, business and commercial productions, game companies, advertising agencies) is possible ONLY with custom license permission.  

SoundSpect audio music tracks, in whole or in part, and any derivative work thereof may not be used, sold, licensed, reproduced, distributed or displayed as templates, stock elements, effects, downloadable files or included in any other audio media/stock product, library, collections for distribution or resale.

The SoundSpect audio music tracks may not, under any circumstances, be used in a way that would defame, malign, slander, asperse, libel, or vilify the persons, property, countries, races, customs, cultures and religions.

Terms and Conditions of Demo/ Free Use

You can use SoundSpect preview demo files only for the purpose of developing and testing your project.

Cancellation Policy

Online purchased tracks cannot be canceled.

We cannot guarantee you a refund of online shopping money unless there is a technical problem with the file you purchased and if you notify us no later than 24 hours after the completed purchase.

If you have a problem, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Changing the Terms

SoundSpect reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions, website policy, and licenses for the use of digital content. When changing the Terms and Conditions, SoundSpect will notify all existing users of any changes.